Anas Al Wattar
Hello world! My name is Anas Al Wattar. I'm an interactive and communication designer, and I love football and coffee.
Since I was a little kid I've always dreamed about being an artist and a problem solver but unfortunately, at the age of 14, the war started in Damascus and my family was forced to move out of the country. It was very difficult having to learn a number of different languages and to study new cultures. I felt that the chance of reaching my goals was getting more and more remote. After a struggle of five years moving from one country to the other, I finally landed at the Vancouver Airport in September 2016. It was the best day of my life. I knew that my future had just begun.
I graduated from high school with a scholarship as the fastest English learner. I worked a number of jobs trying to save money in order to go to college. I joined the Digital Design program at Vancouver Film School in 2018. I started with no experience in design and I worked really hard until I was able to catch up with the other students. Upon graduation my year-end project received the Best User Experience Design of the year award.
I'm a believer that nothing is impossible as long as you fight for your goals and always dream big.